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Fair Park into a new tourist hotspot Beijing

Date: 2013-07-01

Recently, the Beijing Fair Park, colorful activities, Japanese tourists exceeded 70,000 people, has become the Beijing Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Beijing new tourist hot spot.

Melancholy folk cultural performances

June 22, reporters at the Beijing Fair Park Square to see the 3rd door area, drums thunder, Dragon and Lion Dance, visitors gathered in excitement.Dahongmen migrants from the Fengtai brought drum troupe performances, folk performances Fair Park opened the prelude.With bursts of percussion, two lifelike lions blinking, chasing its tail, came to the central square, attracted tourists stop to watch.

"I heard Fair Park in Beijing folk performances, so she took Hebei Fair Park to relatives to travel, today's folk culture performances show wonderful, and we a really worthwhile trip, according to the Internet, said, Fair Park and floatsparade, water dance, go and see you later. "Liu from Beijing Haidian District applauded while for the show, while telling reporters.

The staff, the Beijing Fair Park has a variety of theatrical performances every day, within six months on display, together with over 1,000 games.

Charity Dragon Boat Festival this day pass warm, Beijing Garden Expo ushered in a number of special little visitors, they are from Yushu region of Qinghai and Guizhou remote mountain more than 190 students.They were invited to Beijing Garden Fair Organizing Committee, made a special trip to visit Fair Park.

"I like Fair Park, like Beijing." Qinghai Yushu Tibetan children from Dolma said Beijing Garden Expo is really beautiful, parades and water dance show, never seen before himself, saw the first time today, very excited, very attractive."I prefer to get a colorful garden Bo rope." She said to reporters to show off wore multicolored rope.Dolma told reporters she was very much cherish this gift, because it is the crosstalk artist Bo Li Jindou grandfather in the garden garden personally for her belt.

Fair Park tourists exceeded 1 million

At 9:25 on June 21, Beijing Garden Expo on the 3rd door area, from the United States just a security ANINA admission, he was dressed in costumes, floats surrounded by actors and volunteers to be congratulated - fortunately, sheBe the first one million Beijing Fair Park visitors.

Beijing Garden Fair opened more than a month, attracting all visitors.According to the organizing committee to statistics, the day before the Dragon Boat Festival, Beijing Garden Expo visitors exceeded 7.5 million, the highest on May 18 since the park opened the most number of visitors, the number of visitors that day over the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace.Three days a small holiday tourists reached 200,000 people.

□ China Tourism News · First Travel Web Reporter Geng Wen