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Beijing rental market: sought-after suburb of the city cold

Date: 2013-09-16

With graduation peaks and the peak for-hire contract expires superposition Beijing rental market ushered in the summer rental season. Reporters learned from a number of intermediary companies, this year's summer Beijing housing rents rise significantly, the rate of increase is much higher than the city rent suburban areas, both rental gap widening.

City and suburban rents spreads widened

According to Albert I love my home market Institute statistics, July Beijing monthly rental price of 3,800 yuan / sets, up 3 percent from last month. Among them, the six districts of the city monthly rental price for 4094 yuan / sets, up 5% from last month; Changping, Daxing, Tongzhou and other suburban counties monthly rental price for 2365 yuan / sets, rose just 0.9 percent last month.

The chain of home real estate market research statistics, from January to July this year, the central city (Dongcheng District and Xicheng District) rentals cumulative increase of 10.3%, while the Tongzhou, Changping, Daxing three areas total cumulative increase of 5.2%.

Chain of home real estate market research Zhang Xu said the rebound in July and August leasing volume, leasing peak to continue. While college graduates leave school to enter the rental market, the market rental demand. On the other hand, periodic renewals and for-hire tidal volume for higher lease basis.

The regional distribution of leasing transactions also shows a great lack of balance. Cause I love my home market Institute report shows that more than 80% of the rental demand is concentrated in the urban core.