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Hotel is not "make track for a star" people walk

Date: 2014-10-28

Over the years, the discretion of the hotel star, is the industry and consumers decide its standard grade level and service level, so the hotel very much, often makes high star rating.Collect material, comparison, grade, acceptance, review...Every year there are a lot of time, the liaocheng city tourism bureau staff is responsible for the tourist hotel star rating will spend on the hotel's star rating, but since last year, increasingly less declare stars tourist hotel, this year did not declare star-rated hotel directly.
"Last year there were 6 star hotels declaration, this year there isn't a."Liaocheng city tourism bureau quality specification and management section of staff, told reporters last year to declare the six star hotel, there are four declare three-star hotel, two declare 2-star hotel, all approved.
Liaocheng city tourism bureau of statistics show that so far, liaocheng city a total of 31 star-rated hotels, among them, 1 five-star and four-star four, three-star 20, two-star six.
Relative to less and less of the "make track for a star" hotel, liaocheng the number of the hotel has been increased."In recent years, the liaocheng city hotels, especially hotel, is the increasing rate of at least twenty percent a year or so."Told reporters, head of the city a hotel chain, with the increase of large new residential area, and commercial real estate development and construction of liaocheng, star hotel, rapid rise in the number of hotel.