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APEC leaders characteristics reveal Beijing Chinese style clothing

Date: 2014-11-11

For the APEC (APEC) leaders' informal meeting design features of the Chinese style clothing on the evening of 10 at the water cube.Reporter the first interview clothing design and production team, uncover the fusion of Chinese charm for you the mystery of the leaders of clothing and the spirit of the time.
The reporter learns from leaders of clothing design and production team, the characteristic of Chinese style costume design is divided into three types: male leaders for the collar, the cardigan, even the rotator cuff, jacquard word {sung} brocade fabric, act the role ofing hill sea lines "coat;Female leaders to "collar, front opening, even the rotator cuff, doupion satin material, act the role of seawater hill grain" coat;Female spouses for "cardigan, even shoulder sleeve coat, inside take collar qipao dress".
It is understood that male leaders including jacket, shirt and scarf, female leaders including jacket and shawls, female spouses dress including jacket, the Chinese dress and shawl.
"The characteristic of Chinese style clothing, fully embodies the Chinese tradition and culture, let people know it's Chinese."Is responsible for the clothing design and production of China fashion designers association, vice chairman, Beijing institute of fashion technology dean yuan-feng liu explained, from design, favors double-breasted, cardigan, even the rotator cuff, combine the Chinese all previous dynasties classical style.From the fabric, the traditional silk fabrics, such as {sung} brocade, get a satin, all belong to intangible cultural heritage.From design, seawater hill, word lines are the essence of traditional patterns.From the craft, used the traditional process with Chinese characteristics such as button.On colour, choose the red of the imperial palace, indigo, blue, purple, golden brown, dark brown, thick generous traditional tonal.